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We operate in the field of the widely understood digital world and IT/ICT projects

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Smart City services provide customers with unique values centred around better organization, efficient information exchange and integration of vital business processes of the city.
We will conduct a needs analysis and develop a business model that will allow to structure the analysis of the undertaking, focusing on answers to three main questions:

  • What do we provide? What values will the implementation of selected services bring for customers/ residents?
  • For whom? Which customer segment are the individual services targeted at?
  • How? How to finance the implementation of services? What benefits and costs will be associated with the implementation of selected services? How will the implementation of services affect the city's budget? How to approach the identified risk areas?


Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

ITS systems combine many elements and activities aimed at improving the widely understood transport in terms of transportation, prevention, traffic control and management, event detection, traffic supervision or registration of road traffic offences.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to design comprehensive ITS systems, which comprise, among others: traffic management centres, integrated traffic management systems, traffic control systems, including traffic light control, public transport management systems, CCTV and APNR video monitoring systems, fibre optic networks, ICT systems.

We also provide Contract Engineer services at the stage of implementing ITS systems, under which we supervise and control the proper and timely implementation of investments. We support clients in technical, economic and formal matters.



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Quite unexpectedly, the time of the epidemics showed how important it is to be able to deal with various vital matters without leaving home. We prepare our clients from the public sector for digitization and implementation of intelligent services provided electronically. We conduct inventory of resources and analysis of needs; we develop business models, which allows us to structure the analyses of the undertaking. We will help to answer the question of what values the implementation of selected services will bring to customers, to which customer segment individual services are addressed and how to finance the implementation of these services.
We specialize in projects in the field of widely understood e-services:
e-administration, e-health, e-public procurement and e-surveying. Our
e-administration projects bring measurable benefits, both for our clients, as well as for citizens and residents who can co-decide on public matters.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way the world works. For many years, the European Union has been emphasizing the development of robotics and automation, supporting research in the field of AI development and innovation, as well as introducing financial incentives for the use of artificial intelligence by small and medium-sized enterprises.

By collecting and interpreting data, cognitive systems will detect trends and provide you with information that will improve the actions within your undertaking. Using extensive data resources, you can carry out a comprehensive transformation of your company or institution. ThinkIT will support you in the development and implementation of a data-oriented strategy; we will identify additional useful data sources and show you how to integrate with advanced technologies.

Conduct digital transformation based on AI with us!



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Sustainable social development

We support local governments in their preparations for the implementation of ISO 37120 standard, which is an indicator for city services and the quality of life, and ISO 37122 standard - "smart city" standards. Our team of experts supports Clients in implementing the standards by conducting an audit, supporting the development of indicators and preparation for certification by an independent unit. We also provide trainings and workshops in the field of smart city and ISO standards.

Contact us and establish cooperation - we will train and advise you on how to implement the standard in your city.



Nowadays, ensuring cybersecurity is a must. The development and widespread use of modern technologies, the Internet of Things, automation and robotization are favourable conditions for cybercrimes.
Theft of business information, personal data, and taking control over processes - these are threats that can lead to serious losses. That is why our experts have a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, proposing solutions that are easy to manage and implement, resistant to attacks and flexible. ThinkIT will help you be well prepared to counter cyber attacks and spot a potential attack attempt in time. We work with the best - we offer solutions that protect the most powerful businesses in the world.



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