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We are with our Clients from the moment the idea for development is created, through the development of the project, until its effective implementation.

Technical advisory

We will prepare your project in terms of technical aspects - we will carry out analyses and technical projects in the field of ITS, GIS, and smart city.

We will conduct technical and security audits of IT systems, make traffic models in intelligent traffic management systems projects, and we will guide your unit through the certification process for the smart city standards - ISO 37120 and 37122.


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Business advisory

Our services include the creation of comprehensive application documentation, including among others: feasibility studies, economic and financial analyses, identification and conducting in-depth risk analyses, developing implementation variants, business plans, functional and utility programs.

With us, you will get financing for your project!


Contract engineering

Our services include ensuring the safe implementation of the project through the comprehensive conduct of the public procurement process, creating requests for proposal and contract documents, as well as checking the correctness of the settlement of EU funds. We supervise the selection of a contractor for investment tasks in accordance with the procedures of the Public Procurement Act and, as contract engineers, we supervise the implemented undertakings.


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